This week I started my first class @AustinCodingAcademy on building back-ends with restAPI servers with Node, Express & SQL.

As with anything organization is very important especially when working with others. The more organized your code is the easier it is for others to help or work on your projects. Comments in your code are very important, as well as using names for variables that help describe their function. It is also geed to keep things separated. Make “modules” that do very specific things and can be reused. Also use Constants and Enums. If you find yourself writing the same hardcoded string again and again, you should create a constant for that. Constants are a great way to make things organized and easily changeable later. If you find yourself having a group of logic that all relate, such as types, enums could be really useful for that. Although JavaScript doesn’t really have “enums,” you can create an object and annotate it using something like JSDoc to help keep things in one place and easily visible.

When creating webpages are apps, it is important to visualize what the end result should look like, before you start any coding. Sketching out the basic layout is key. It is also a great idea to create test plans for any code you are developing before you start. Basically make sure you know what outcome you are looking to create, before you start.

During my coding journey so far, I have often ran into coding problems that I did not know how to solve. I have found that there is lots of information on the internet, but as a beginner I often did not understand some of the syntax used by others. I have learned that there are many different ways to create the same outcome on code. As I have been exposed to more coding and the different syntax of older versions of JavaScript, the internet has become a better resource. There are also many chat groups, YouTube videos, etc… Also using resources like replit where you can quickly try code snippets are a great way to work through problems.

During my journey I have also ran into problems with code working on my computer, but then not working on github. A good example is VScode will typically find your images or other files if you do not type folder locations 100% correct in your code, but then when you load it to a server like github the files can't be found.

VScode has been my favorite text editor. I am starting to try others, but so far the features in VScode have been great. Items like changing the settings to re-align your code every time you save your code. This is a tip one of the tutors showed me.

As I am going through these classes @AustinCodingAcademy I am also subscribing and watching other YouTube series. We are often introduced to different series in our class text. MPJ is one that we were exposed to, and that I enjoy. He has a great personality and I like his tag line of “Stay Curious”. Till next week, stay safe.

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